New Corporate video - Fonderia Taroni

New Corporate video - Fonderia Taroni

LOook at the aluminium casting process and the feature of Fondereia Taroni

Stand Alunetwork - Midest 2016

Alunetwork exhibits at MIDEST 2016 in Paris

MIDEST is the sole international show to specialize in industrial subcontracting. Conceived both as a network and a catalyst for industry, it makes it possible to initiate, consolidate and develop opportunities of all kinds for collaboration between those involved in the design and production of made-to-measure parts or sub-assemblies.


Alunetwork at MIDEST 2016 - Paris

Alunetwork invite you to MIDEST 2016 of Paris


From 6 to 9 December 2016

STAND 6 D 061

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Sampling and finished product in less than a month

lighting aluminium rapid protocasting

Alunetwork thanks to rapid protocasting and innovations of the production department has been able to manufacture and deliver the sample and the first batch of standard products (light alloy casting aluminum) intended for the technical enlighten industry in less than a month.
In August, despite the holiday period, Alunetwork has been able to meet the urgent need for the customer; in a few days due to rapid protocasting he was made the first sample and then to the process of industrialization was produced the first batch of aluminum castings.

Aluminium alloy used: EN AB 44100
Raw weight: 1.08 kg
Technologies: Rapid protocasting, casting and casting simulation for aluminum die casting

IMTS 2016 - International Manufacturing Technology Show

logo international manufacturing technology show

IMTS 2016 - Sept. 12 - 17, 2016

The Americas’ Largest Manufacturing Show

The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, featuring more than 2,000 exhibiting companies and 114,147 registrants. The event is held every two years in September at McCormick Place, Chicago.

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New realise of Fonderia Taroni brochure

FT MockUp 2

New realise of Fonderia Taroni brochure
Inside you can find the company profile and the services offered as well as an overview of business performance, future goals, the interview to management and several case studies dedicated to the rapid protocasting and casting simulation in the biomedical sector

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Alunetwork faces the Iranian market

2 Stampo prototipo rapido sabbiaIran has always been a very attractive market for Italian industry. thanks to its growing commercial expansion Alunetwork overlooking the Iranian market.

There have been several Iranian companies interested in light aluminum alloys casting made in Italy. The 40 years business know-how and continuous investment in technology make Alunetworkan attractive partner for the development of new projects and products.

 Alunetwork companies, of which he is the leader, will be key partners for the development of products in light aluminum alloys intended for the energy and rail freight sector, areas where Alunetwork has gained concrete experience bringing considerable advantages in terms of cost and time, to customers that in partnership they deliver new products. The containment of costs and time in the design phase of a new product is critical to the success of a project and for production; Alunetwork thanks to rapid prototyping services and casting simulation is indispensable supplier for companies intent on developing new products.

Alunetwork at MIDEST 2015 - Paris

Alunetwork invite you tol MIDEST 2015 of Paris

logo FR

From 17 to 20 November 2015


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Stand Alunetwork at MIDEST 2015 - Paris

Alunetwork-midest 2015

Alunetwork exhibits at MIDEST 2015 in Paris

MIDEST is the global platform of reference and exchange between main contractors and subcontractors. Manufacturers, assemblers and parts manufacturers meet one to one solutions providers in the areas of metal processing, plastics manufacturing, electronics, microtechnology and services industry.

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Case Study- Reduce casting costs and maintain the required quality

fusioni alluminio settore energiaThis case study describes how Alunetwork has succeeded in creating aluminum castings destined for the energy sector by reducing costs compared to its competitors low-cost countries and in compliance with the quality requirements Europeans and Canadians.

Alunetwork partners have made the most of the co-design with the customer, the casting simulation and rapid prototyping for aluminum castings able to comply with the strictest regulations in the energy sector.

Download the Case Study

Simulation of aluminium gravity casting

simulazione-colata-alluminioThe casting simulation is a tool used in foundries to monitor the filling process of the aluminum into the mold, so check filling and solidification of castings and identify any critical areas.
The simulation of the aluminum casting is achieved thanks to a software that performs a mathematical simulation of what happens during the process of filling and solidification within the mold steel, so as to check for any issues before moving to the machining of the mold.

The benefits of using of the casting simulation are

  • Reduce time and cost of production
  • Compliance with quality standards required
  • Reduction of non-compliance
  • Optimization of feed channels
  • Evidence of pockets of stagnation and the areas exposed to the danger of entrapped air.
  • Evidence of any "porosity"

Each simulation provides as output lots of useful information to technicians

  • Pouring time
  • Metal temperatures
  • surface defects
  • Distribution oxides
  • Air entrapments
  • Solidification rate
  • Heat transfer coefficients
  • Mold temperature
  • Stress and strain for heat treatment of both the solidified metal that the mold

The video shows a casting simulation

Alunetwork at MIDEST 2014 - Paris

Alunetwork invite you tol MIDEST 2014 of Paris

logo GB


New Cyborgmag

CyborgAnother successful case where Alunetwork collaborated for the construction of the aluminum parts that make up the NewCybormag

attached the full case study that describes all phases of project development

inverter for the photovoltaic industry

inverter-fotovoltaicoIn this case Alunetwork collaborated with the customer to build an inverter for the photovoltaic industry, starting from the draft of the final product as we discover Alunetwork has managed to bring the customer a solution that more advantageous ...

> SAVINGS: Champion in one week
> EURO SAVED: 35% on production equipment

Biomedical chariot


A light alloy chariot was designed and made, going beyond the techniques used until now and reaching in such a way the required standards of lightness, payload, and reliability. All this at a competitive price and in a very short time.

> TIME SAVED: 2 months as regards design
> MONEY SAVED: 20% on the total cost of the project

Telecommunications - Corpex

corpexApplication in the field of energy transport and telecommunications.
From the draft of the part we have developed fully 3D design for the casting technology.

> EURO SAVED: 40% on the cost of the final piece

Find out how to Alunettwork identified the technical solution to achieve the performance objectives.

Aluminium Prototype with disposable mold for the automotive sector

From the 3D project of the customer is realized a sand mold which is cast the aluminum alloy desired.

TIME: This technique ensures fast implementation ranging from 7 to 14 days, depending on the complexity of the project
MATERIAL: It uses the same aluminum alloy melt in series
TREATMENT: You can also do mechanical tooling on the prototype as well as leak testing and other pre-processing, verifying the quality of the project.

Benefits for the research and development department:

  • Quickly evaluate metal part design
  • Saving time and money
  • Produce metal prototypes in almost any metal material
  • Allow testing of the part in the actual production materials
  • Produce metal parts without expensive tooling
  • Reduce sampling time
  • Reduce lead time

The cycle of the metal rapid prototyping:

  1. Analysis of 3D mathematical model (feasibility study, construction drafts casting systems and simulation) 
  2. Modeling of prestampo with parametric 3D CAD 
  3. Printing sampleswith 3D printing machine (high-speed complex shapes are obtained, even in the undercut, made in sand croning that can be employed in the foundry) 
  4. Casting, deburring and sandblasting 
  5. Any subsequent machining

Realisation of functional mechanical prototypes with rapid prototyping


Is the desire of every engineering department have the champion of its 3D design in a short time to test requirements prototipazione-rapidaAll this is possible thanks to rapid prototyping with fusion of metal (aluminum, iron, steel, bronze)

With a lead time of 4-5 days we transform the 3D design in a sample equal in all respects to that of series

The cycle of prototyping metal:

1) Analysis of 3D mathematical model (feasibility study, construction drafts casting systems and simulation)

2) Modeling of prestampo with parametric 3D CAD

3) Printing premodelli and any anime with 3D printing machine (high-speed complex shapes are obtained, even in the undercut, made in sand Croning that can be employed in the foundry)

4) casting, deburring and sandblasting

5) any subsequent machining

4) Colata, sbavatura e sabbiatura

5) eventuale lavorazione meccanica successiva

Comes the technology Multi-tasking in Alunetwork

multitaskingThe multi-tasking machines are the innovation of the manufacturing industry of the 21st century. From raw material to finished product in one set machine: DONE-IN-ONE.

It's suitable to perform special pieces (eg., Crankshaft and camshaft) requiring turning operations - milling - drilling both front - lateral tilt.

Degassing of aluminum cast


The cast alloys of aluminum contained in the ovens easily saturate gas; gas absorbed by most alloys is hydrogen.
Purpose of degassing is to eliminate the gases contained in the molten mass, in order to ensure the conformity of the chemical composition of the individual alloys used.
The degassing allows to obtain a homogenization of the chemical elements of the alloy and a better result in terms of the specific weight of the alloys, this takes away the classic problems of porosity, in slang called pinholes.
Following treatment are performed laboratory testing with spectrometer, scales for measuring the specific gravity / density after subjecting the specimen melted in vacuum - 0.8 bar.

The video shows the degassing done in automatic on casting aluminum alloy > View video