Biomedical chariot


A light alloy chariot was designed and made, going beyond the techniques used until now and reaching in such a way the required standards of lightness, payload, and reliability. All this at a competitive price and in a very short time.

> TIME SAVED: 2 months as regards design
> MONEY SAVED: 20% on the total cost of the project

Customer requirements:

  • Reduce the risk on the initial investment
  • Quickly exhibiting in fairs
  • Using the sample for thermal tests on the product
  • Cheap initial investment
  • Reduce the times of production


  • Customer-supplier co-design appointed to a die-casting series production
  • Aluminium billet casting samples, final painting inclusive in 2 weeks
  • Mechanical and technical tests
  • Molds realization, low-cost initial investment to test the market, and prospective chance of changing technology without variation of price

Benefit for the customer:

  • Significant reduction of the time required to develop a new design
  • A better service is offered
  • Quick increase in knowledge
  • A new proposal to the market and advanced design
  • Products made of a light, pliant, and resistant alloy
  • Protective anti-corrosive treatments
  • Recyclable material
  • A backward step: this is the end of disposable items
  • An eternal product!