Casting simulation

simulazione-colata-alluminioThe casting simulation is a tool used in foundries to monitor the filling process of the aluminum into the mold, so check filling and solidification of castings and identify any critical areas.
The simulation of the aluminum casting is achieved thanks to a software that performs a mathematical simulation of what happens during the process of filling and solidification within the mold steel, so as to check for any issues before moving to the machining of the mold.

The benefits of using of the casting simulation are

  • Reduce time and cost of production
  • Compliance with quality standards required
  • Reduction of non-compliance
  • Optimization of feed channels
  • Evidence of pockets of stagnation and the areas exposed to the danger of entrapped air.
  • Evidence of any "porosity"

Each simulation provides as output lots of useful information to technicians

  • Pouring time
  • Metal temperatures
  • surface defects
  • Distribution oxides
  • Air entrapments
  • Solidification rate
  • Heat transfer coefficients
  • Mold temperature
  • Stress and strain for heat treatment of both the solidified metal that the mold

The video shows a casting simulation