Die casting

Die casting, also called shell casting under pressure, is a process of industrial production, in which the molten aluminum is injected by a piston, with pressures ranging from 70 to 310 MPa, into a mold containing the matrix the piece that you want to accomplish. The molten aluminum is drawn from an outside oven via a mechanical feeder.
The material from which is formed the mold is an alloy having high melting temperature; usually one of the metals of this alloy is molybdenum and alloys used vary according to the nature of the molten metal poured into the form.
After solidification, with cooling of the forms with a circulation system of water, the jet (metallurgy) is extracted and it has a semi-finished product, to be treated with machining with chip removal, or even a finished product.


  • Excellent surface finish of castings
  • More precise size of the jets cooling rate (higher surface hardness of the jet)
  • You can have multiple parts with a single mold
  • E 'can also use the Magnesium as a raw material


  • Cost of the mold, to be amortized with large series
  • Reduced number dileghe aluminum used