Rapid prototyping


Is the desire of every engineering department have the champion of its 3D design in a short time to test requirements.

All this is possible thanks to rapid prototyping with fusion of metal (aluminum, iron, steel, bronze)

With a lead time of 4-5 days we transform the 3D design in a sample equal in all respects to that of series

The cycle of prototyping metal:

1) Analysis of 3D mathematical model (feasibility study, construction drafts casting systems and simulation)

2) Modeling of prestampo with parametric 3D CAD

3) Printing pre-models and any soul with 3D printing machine (high-speed complex shapes are obtained, even in the undercut, made in sand Croning that can be employed in the foundry)

4) casting, deburring and sandblasting

5) any subsequent machining

4) casting, deburring and sandblasting

5) any subsequent machining