Sand Casting

The first step of sand casting, consists in the creation of a mold composed of sand and other materials, which will give rise to the desired product. Prepared mold, with all the necessary cores and cavities for the required geometry, is passed to the stage of introduction of the aluminum to gravitational force.
After the solidification of the piece must be cleaned mold deposits and residues fusione.I products of sand casting are generally semi-finished products, to be used for new industrial production processes, for example. forging or rolling, or various mechanical machining with chip removal.

When you choose this technology:

This type of foundry technology is used in case you should realize small series (low number of products), or when the product to be made is large.


  • Cheap model
  • You can have multiple parts with a single molds
  • You can use different types of alloys according to the requirements of the final product
  • Mergers obtained you can anodising and hardening (T6)


  • Complicated pieces can be made, but it is less precise as forming compared to other kinds of casting